Digital Event Services

Harnessing the best digital technology to empower your event message.

ETG Staging Connections offers truly integrated event solutions that harness the power of new technology to provide an evolutionary event experience.

We understand the growing importance technology plays in enhancing your event experience, particularly when it comes to audience engagement and social media integration.

Today in China, brands need to discover new ways to interact and engage with their customers to stay competitive. Through their events, brands have an uninterrupted opportunity to create memorable brand experiences for customers. To maximise engagement, ETG Staging Connections offers a range of digital event services to cater to your event needs. Whether it is broadcasting your event internationally through webcasting and streaming, or interacting with your audience via an online audience polling platform - we will tailor our service to suit your event needs.

Across Chinese Social Media Platforms like Sina, Weibo and WeChat we help our clients link their events, manage and moderate the content, drive engagement and monitor their ROI.

Integrating social media into your live event allows you to gain valuable insights about your audience and brand perceptions as well as cultivate a social community to continue driving engagement after the event.